Are You a Catalyst?

Leaders at any level, but especially in the C-suite are movers.

They move a vision forward. They move plans and strategies toward a goal. They move the needle upward. But most of all, they move people.

If you can't motivate your teams, your great vision and strategy has no fuel in its engine.

Great leaders inspire their teams to action. They are catalysts to activity. So, how can you move teams to act and be a better catalyst?

By communicating with them. Communicate often. Communicate consistently. And communicate honestly and in person when you can. 

Social media and collaborative tools are now making executive communication easier. Regular updates, a monthly podcast or video-chat, a blog posting or quarterly virutal meetings are just some of the ways your vision and your motivation can spur your teams to action.

But don't just use social media. Pick up the phone and talk. Walk through the halls, stop in offices. Approachable leaders make an emotional connection with their teams, and when teams connect with you as a leader, you have a much higher chance of motivating and moving them to action.  Spend more time with employees (and customers!) and watch the ROI kick in.

Your office should be a place where you keep a computer and some files. It's not where you should spend most of your day!