Demonstrate Value in Your Elevator Pitch

This is a 2nd in a series on creating a powerful elevator pitch.

In our previous post, we talked about how differentiation is important in your elevator pitch. But so is demonstrating value.

Who are you, what do you do and what is the value you bring to the marketplace? That's the essence of a pitch.

What makes you valuable to the market is a critical part of riding
that elevator.

If your product or service or personal brand is going to make a mark, it has to bring something the market finds useful.

What Makes You Valuable?
Zero in on the value you create or bring:
  • What problem do you solve?
  • How do you increase profits or bring an ROI?
  • How do you create faster time to value?
  • What's the before/after like once you've worked your magic?
  • Do you make things demonstrably better?
Do have details and a brief case example to support your value statement, but save it for the 2nd tier of your pitch.

If your pitch only touches on what you do, you've missed a golden opportunity. People who deliver elevator pitches that demonstrate value, usually get asked follow-up questions.

And isn't that the best proof that your pitch is working?