Are You an Oak or Willow Tree?

Imagine a strong wind; a hurricane force gale.  Now think of the trees around your house. You watch them sway and rock, hoping one does not fall on your roof.

If one does topple, it will probably be an oak.

Oak is a very rigid tree that is famously strong. But, it's that rigidity that will cause it to go down. The wind comes and the tree has only one option: stand there, rigid and unmoving.

That kind of strength can sometime be suicide.

An Alternative to Oak

In that same storm, the willow will find a way to adapt. It will move in such a way that no matter how forceful the gale, it bends. That's how it survives. It has an adaptive strategy.

OK, you get it.  Some leaders are like oak trees. They have a very rigid leadership style. They never adapt...never transform their thinking...never consider alternatives. At times, this might be an effective strategy, but what happens when the winds of change become gale force?

Willow vs. oak?  In the hurricane, my money is on the willow!