Five Tips For Speaking About Your Vision

Real leaders talk about their vision. That was the focus of our last post.

Any leader can show vision: leaders of a team or project...leaders of a business unit...or a leader of an organization. It's about letting your team know where you see them in the foreseeable future.

But what makes up a great vision?

Here are five tips for bringing your vision to life. A vision should be:

1. Simple.  If your vision is so complex that only an engineer can understand it, then you've lost an opportunity to rally your troops.
2. Memorable. Vision statements that are too long, can't be remembered. If your team can't easily remember your vision, how can they work toward that vision?
3. Actionable. An effective vision is one that we can act upon...that's doable. For example, J. F. Kennedy's vision was to have America put a man on the moon, not the Andromeda galaxy.
4. Conversational. The best visions are ones that are in plain, everyday language, deliver your vision the way you really speak, not in some formal "vision statement." Be yourself!
5. Motivational. Your vision should rally your troops...give them something to dream about...get them charged up.

One final thought about a leader's vision...dream BIG! You have your own moon to reach!