Executive Communication Tip

Executive Building Blocks
Many executives have great ideas, but when they speak, those ideas sometimes get buried in too many words.

Whether you're addressing  colleagues, speaking in a company meeting,  or talking to customers,  if you communicate and few listeners "get" what you are talking about, you've wasted an opportunity.  

One way to help your listeners is to structure your ideas in logical patterns. Think of ordering your ideas as logical building blocks.

The Power of Three
We tend to remember ideas that have a logical structure. 
When speaking (and writing) organize ideas as First, Second, Third. 
You don't want every idea to come out in threes, but for critical communication, structure is an easy way to help your listeners.  
You can vary your structure a bit by using "time" words instead of numbers: next, after thisfollowing this, work just as well.
The key is to make it easier for your listeners/readers to follow your that's executive communication at its best!