Elevator Pitch: Tell a Story!

A good story captivates listeners.

Stories can be an integral part of your elevator pitch, so craft a relevant and compelling story that adds additional insights to who you are.

But...don't add the story in your opening. Save it as a second layer.

Once you've outlined who you are, the value you bring, and showed how you are a solution-provider, hopefully, you've hooked your listener. Most people will ask a question or comment. That is your cue to add a second layer to your pitch by telling the story of how you demonstrate you value.

Heroes and Villains

All good stories have heroes and villains.  In your executive pitch story, show how you fought against odds to bring success and profitability to your organization. Or demonstrate how you worked in a highly competitive landscape and brought in top accounts. The economy might be the villain or a tough competitive marketplace. But the key is, you were the victor.

Not only should your story outline how you fought the odds and won, let your listener know what you won. What were the productivity gains you realized? What was the value of the top accounts? Make the story real with the details that show your value.

By adding a story as a second layer to your pitch, you're demonstrating that your value goes beyond just an example or two: you've added depth and substance!