Elevator Pitch Components: Prove It!

In previous posts we laid the foundation for your executive elevator pitch: differentiation and pitching your value.

The next component is to prove it!

You've already hooked your listener with what you do--hopefully, in a novel and unique phrasing  (see my elevator pitch on my Twitter page). Now, build out that value by demonstrating the specifics of what you do.

A Painful but Novel Approach
Don't just tell your listener how you do what you do.  It's not just your value you need to demonstrate. Anyone can say they are good or valuable. It's in demonstrating  or proving your value that your pitch becomes relevant.

Show them how you take pain away.

Create a problem-solution sentence that shows how you address challenges with your secret sauce and skills. You could also demonstrate what you prevent from happening (loss of revenue, profit erosion).

Your problem-solution could be specific challenges for your area ( the pain of a technology upgrade for example) or it could be a general problem that runs across all business lines (profitability).

The key is to show the specifics of how you address the challenge. A few real-life examples go a long way in demonstrating your executive presence.