First Rule of a Good Personal Brand Elevator Pitch


If done right, it will get attention, solidify your brand, and leave a memorable impression. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that it does take a bit of time and creativity to nail that differentiator. But well worth the effort.

Your executive brand needs to stand out from every other director, manager, VP, or business leader. If you define the opening of your pitch with your job role, you’re a commodity. No way you’re standing out.  

How many times have you heard someone introduce themselves as; “I’m Director of Marketing at Company X.” Big deal. There are probably tens of thousands of directors of marketing all over the planet. Your brand just got diluted.

The opening of your pitch might grab more mind-share if you define a unique trait or package yourself differently. For example:

I like to think of myself as a transformer (no, not Metal Monster kind). My name is Bob Smith, and I help transform company business processes.


I’m a silo buster. As Director of Virtual Services for Company X, I create collaboration strategies so our employees abandon their silo mentality and collaborate cross functionally.

My own elevator pitch positions me very distinctly.  I tell people,  “I’m a butterfly killer.” You can find the rest of my pitch on the left side of my twitter page:!/loraineantrim

Bottom line, the first few seconds of your pitch is prime real estate. Avoid placing  job description first, and position yourself in a different and memorable way.