Leadership Strategy: Touch Hearts and Minds

Leaders who can touch  hearts as well as minds have a lasting impact. Better yet, their messages resonate...they're memorable.

Want to see one of the best examples of how you can communicate and make an emotional connection?

Take a look at Apple's new iPad 2 ad. Not only is Apple's mission and DNA addressed, the company executives are communicating a vision and plan that resonates far beyond their product. They're touching our emotional center. Smart!

Whether you are a CEO or a manager of a small team, take a lesson from the leadership at Apple. Extend your leadership brand. How? 

Don't just deliver business messages that only resonate in the mind. Talking about your product or service, your quarterly results, your initiatives or your latest update is important.  No question.


The next time you address your teams, think about rallying them with a message that has emotional impact as well as business impact. Your leadership brand will thank you!