Inspiring: Best Leadership Trait

We all want inspiration.

As individuals we look for it in a number of ways, but in business organizations, we look to our leaders for inspiration.

No matter if you are a CEO or a leader of a small team, inspiring your followers is what great leadership is all about.

So how do you light the fire, get people jazzed and inspired?

Passion. Pure and simple.

Passion comes through in your voice, your mannerisms, and your words. If you can't show your teams that you are excited about a project or your vision, how can you expect them to excel and innovate?

So, what three things can you do to turn your passion on, make it more noticeable and get your teams inspired?

1. Inspire with your voice. Whether you're speaking on the phone, to a small group, or in one-on-one conversations, make your voice sound like you're jazzed.  That means  project a little more, modulate your voice a bit, put some umph behind your words.  Get a sense of energy in your voice and watch how contagious that energy can be!

2. Inspire with gestures. Let your teams see that you want to grab the world by the tail and spin it around! Static leaders are not inspiring. Use your natural gestures and mannerisms, get your hands involved as you talk, smile more, and visually connect with your listeners. No one is inspired by cardboard leaders who don't move. Act as if you live life to the fullest, you DO, don't you?

3. Inspire with stories. Great leaders tell stories. Inspire your teams by telling a story of someone overcoming insurmountable odds, or reaching beyond a goal, or surviving a tragedy.  The story can be from literature or the movies or a customer or friend. The key is to offer an example that gives your teams a model of inspiration.

Good leadership requires business acumen and financial know-how, but it's the personal traits like being inspiring that takes your leadership from good to great!