Do You Hate People?

Are you a leader who hates people? Good!

Well, it's good if the people you hate are the people targeted in the wonderfully humorous book,
"I Hate People: Kick Loose from the Overbearing and Underhanded Jerks at Work and Get What You Want Out of Your Job."

Authors Marc Hershon and Jonathan Littman target a list of people in our work environments--the types of workers who can get us down, make us miserable and just make work a chore. It's a great summer read.

What to do With the Joy Suckers

I call these types of people
Joy Suckers: they suck the joy out of work. Instead of being innovative and leading your team, you end up wasting time dealing with these difficult people who drain your creativity, time and patience.

The great thing about Littman and Hershon's book is that for leaders, you can see their humorous taxonomy of worker types as a tool to help you make hiring or promotion decisions.

For example, once you identify someone who is a "Stop Sign", you can eliminate them from critical initiative meetings. All they're going to do is pour cold water on creative ideas and stop all progress. Or once the "Minute Man" is identified (he's the guy who only wants a minute of your time...then another...and then just one more minute...) you know he should NOT be the facilitator of the partner conference.

Re-Configure Your Teams

Amid the fun and laughs,
I Hate People offers some sage-like advice for leaders and how they can configure and reconfigure their teams based on the taxonomy of people we hate. You can't change these folks and the authors urge managers to accept who employees are, even as unpleasant as they might be, and then reconfigure existing teams.

"Companies can create makeovers of groups, rather than makeovers of their physical offices," Hershon suggests. So you can rethink how you deploy your teams and reassign who collaborates with whom according to their personalities.

So, smear on your sun block, put on your Maui Jims, and take I Hate People to the beach as a fun summer read. And come back recharged ready to rethink how you deploy your teams.

Oh, and the guy who kicked sand on you as he walked by, you can just go ahead and HATE him!