CXOs: To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

Should busy executives use Twitter? Hmmm. There is a line (or a tweet) in the sand on this one. It's a hot topic guaranteed to bring out heated opinions. And be sure to get your gloves on if you enter this dialogue.

A recent Business Week article on CEOs tweeting can give you insights into how top global big wigs use the micro-blogging service.

But what if we approached "To Tweet or Not to Tweet" purely from the perspective of advancing your CXO communication? Should you use Twitter as an executive messaging platform? Let's explore some pros and cons.

Twitter as a communication platform? YES!

Twitter is a great vehicle:
1. To disseminate timely and important information.
2. To connect with customers/partners and feel their collective pulse. Talk and listen.
3. To establish your brand online (in addition to creating a blog and using other social networking sites).
4. To connect with employees, raise morale or rally your troops to more collaborative actions.
5. To share experiences about your product or company brand and how you lead your organization. No hype. Just authentic you chatting.

Twitter as a communication platform? NO!

Twitter is not the best vehicle:
1. To be your main short-term marketing messaging machine.
2. To publish idle updates about your latest scuba diving or family vacation.
3. To lecture to your customers/partners.
4. To show bravado and how you and your company are the 800 pound gorilla.
5. To share mundane corporate messages.

Ultimately, it's a multi-part decision. 1. Decide if you want to commit the time and energy (it can be a time suck). 2. Know your competitors are reading every tweet you make; be judicious, and 3. Determine why you want to tweet, and be sure you align to your corporate messaging.

If you jump in, have fun in the process! As for me, still on the Twitter fence. If I jump in, I'll let you know!