CEO of the Future: Traits to Cultivate Now

Timeless CEO Traits

Some leadership qualities are timeless. The C suite will always welcome those who are visionary, inspirational, innovative and most of all, those who can execute. But are there new traits that future CEOs need to cultivate now?

A recent article by Dan McCarthy entitled "The Leader of the Future: Ten Skills To Begin Developing Now," appeared in this month's IABC's CW magazine.

Dan outlines ten traits future leaders will need, including having a global mindset, developing financial acumen and mastering the current web technologies. Solid advice. But I'd like to add one more executive trait to Dan's list: develop a collaborative mindset.

Get Collaborative

The social media are here to stay, and as the Millennials continue to take their place in the upper echelons of management, the collaborative mindset that drives Facebook, Twitter et al. will be more imporant than ever.

If the next gen of CEOs could select only one trait, I'd tell them to go for a collaborative mindset.

Some companies and CEOs are already ahead of the curve. Cisco Systems' John Chambers "gets" collaboration, so does his CTO, Padmasree Warrior whose keynote at VoiceCon described how collaboration is changing society, and especially VP of WW Channels Marketing and Social Media Guru, Luanne Tierney who shows channel partners how to harness the power of social media marketing.

And Cisco is not alone. Execs from the Lego Group, Eastman Kodak, P&G, SAP and many others, recognize that leaders who eschew the command and control mindset for collaboration are poised for the future.

So heads up current and future CEOs: start blogging, tweeting, and interacting with the web 2.0 technologies and become a part of the leadership conversation.